Meet the founders

Giovanni, born and raised in some cosy village in Southern Italy, moved in his teen years to the Netherlands. After finishing High School, Giovanni went to the country's most prestigious Business Fashion School. In his spare time, he started to work at one of the oldest high-end fashion retailers of the Netherlands, which even had a Royal Warrant of Appointment. This is where he met Bobby, a prominent Corporate Law student and watch collector. The guys worked several years together for the purveyor of the court. After finishing the Business Fashion School, Giovanni started his first company creating and selling quality bracelets made of natural stones and precious metals. The bracelets became a huge succes and still are, as they're being sold at several stores throughout Europe. Bobby started a successful publishing office for Dutch law books.  Even though their ways parted, the guys remained friends over the years and kept seeing each other over dinner or drinks.

Both Giovanni and Bobby dreamed of designing their own watch. After some drinks about two or three years ago, the guys decided it was time to come up with their own watchbrand. This brand had to be special and unique, since the market was already flooded by a lot of new 'companies' selling 'minimalistic' watches. Because of the experience the Giovanni has in the field of fashion, he has been appointed as the leading designer of the Bussora watches. Bobby focuses, due to his professional experience he gained with his publishing office, on sales, marketing and management. Together they have founded Bussora, a company that offers pilot watches with an unique design and story, that pays tribute to the first days of aviation. Bussora heralds a new era for fashionable, yet reliable timepieces with an unmatched appearance.